Welcome to the York Public Library!

How to protect your information:

If you have used Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox during your session, closing the browser will clear all data from your session. If you have created any documents or downloaded any files to the computer, restart the computer from the Start Menu and all data from your session will be cleared. Please do not shut down the computers.

How to save what you’ve worked on:

We suggest that you email the file you’ve created to yourself or save it to a USB drive. These portable drives are inexpensive and available at convenience stores and many other locations. You cannot save anything to the computers. Anything saved to the computer will be gone by the next day.

Office 2010 is loaded on this computer with Word and Excel to create documents and spreadsheets. If you want to create presentations with Powerpoint or Publisher, please ask for a computer with this software, or use Open Office. Ask at the desk for more details.

How to print:

B&W printing is available and is 20 cents per page. The printer is located in the public computer cluster. We recommend you do a print preview before printing as you will be responsible for any pages you print, even if you do not need them.

Please let us know if something unexpected happens
or if you have questions. Your comments are welcome.

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