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Download e-books to your Kindle with your library card!

You’ll need a valid York Public Library card and access to the Internet on your laptop, PC, or Kindle. If your Kindle is connected to wifi, your books will download directly to your device. Library books will not download via a 3G network to your Kindle. (You can also download to your computer, and transfer the book to your Kindle via a USB cable).

Step 1: Visit the Download Library at   

Step 2: Set your default loan period for 14 days.

Click on “Account” at the top of the screen. Click on “Settings” on the right side of the next screen. Select “York Public Library” as your library from the drop-down menu, and enter your 14 digit library card number. Select “Sign In”. Now select “14 days” for your default borrowing options (otherwise your book will check out for only 7 days). You cannot change the loan period once you download the book, so you should set your preferred loan length before checking out your first book.

Step 3: Search for the e-book you want at the Download Library site.

Verify that “Kindle Book” is listed among the formats for your title. If the title is available, click on “Borrow.” If it’s not available, you can request it and receive an email when it is. Hint: if the book icon in the upper right hand corner of the cover image of your book is dark, the book is currently available. If the icon is grayed out, you can place a request for it.

Select “Download” and then click on the “Kindle Book” format from the menu. Select “Confirm and Download.” This takes you to Amazon, where you select “Get Library Book.”

If your Kindle is connected to a wifi network, your e-book will download directly to your Kindle and appear in your booklist. You can also download it to your computer and transfer it to your Kindle using a USB cable.

Note: due to certain publishers’ restrictions, some Download Library titles can only be transferred via a USB cable from a computer to your Kindle; they can’t be downloaded directly to a Kindle.

After its due date, the e-book will no longer be readable. There is nothing else you have to do, but you can remove it from your device if you wish. If you finish sooner than the due date, you can return the item early to borrow another e-book (remember, you can have only 3 at a time). In your Amazon account, go to Manage Your Kindle, and then Your Kindle Library. Click the menu next to the title you want to return and select Return This Book. If you return an e-book early, a “Loan Ended” notification will appear on that item in your Kindle booklist.

Step 4: Enjoy your book!

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