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Organized in 1914 to run the Library, the York Library Association is responsible for electing the Library Trustees and overseeing the building. The Town of York provides funds for the operation of the Library. The Library Association has an annual membership drive open to everyone in the town of York. Library cards are free to all York residents and taxpayers.

Library Staff

Michelle Sampson Director
Kim Myers Assistant Director
Kathleen Whalin Children’s Librarian
Frank Dehler Circulation & Public Services Coordinator
Sudie Blanchard (part-time) Librarian
 Katie Arey  (part-time) Assistant Children’s Librarian
Jeanine Means (part-time) Library Assistant
Michele Bertolini (part-time)  Library Assistant
Megan Farley (part-time)
 Library Assistant
Assisted by our Vital Volunteers!

Board of Trustees

Janice Plourde
President 7/2017-7/2020
David Cohen
Vice-President 7/2015-7/2018
Jen Ring
Secretary 7/2016-7/2019
Jennifer Hunter
Treasurer 10/2013-7/2019
Barbara Chase
Member  7/2017-7/2020
Nancy Garrick
Member  7/2017-7/2020
Marc Newbury Hovde (  Member 12/2012-11/2018
Alice Larrea
Member 7/2012-7/2018
Bob Luttman
 Member 7/2016-7/2019
Judith E. McAllister
Member 7/2012-7/2018
Bernadine Speers
 Member 10/2014-9/2017
 Susan Yorston
 Member  10/2014-9/2017

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