New Digital Platform begins March 1, 2017!

On March 1, 2017, the Maine InfoNet Download Library will be moving to a new e-book and e-audiobook platform called cloudLibrary. This replaces the Overdrive platform being used now. Our current system, managed by Overdrive, will be turned off on February 28, 2017 and the cloudLibrary will be launched the very next day, March 1, 2017.

Once the system is live on March 1st, simply download the app for your device by going to: and follow the links to login.

This transition to the cloudLibrary will continue to offer readers nearly all of the current collection of over 10,000 digital titles already in the Download Library plus new titles and additional copies of popular titles. The cloudLibrary will offer patrons an app-based user experience that makes it easier to download e-books and e-audiobooks. The cloudLibrary app highlights the best and freshest titles in our collection, and also allows for patron customization.

Users of Kindle devices should be advised that the Kindle Fire (2nd generation or newer) works with the cloudLibrary, but e-ink Kindles, such as the Paperwhite, do not.

Why the switch? The existing Download Library has received regular criticism that the system is too difficult to use. The cloudLibrary is app-based and has a simpler process to check out and download titles. Libraries in Maine that have offered both systems say the cloudLibrary is much easier for library patrons to use. Additionally, the cloudLibrary will allow more Maine Libraries to participate in the Maine InfoNet Download Library. Under the old platform, many types of libraries were excluded from joining due to limitations imposed by Overdrive. Now, by switching to the new cloudLibrary, any library wishing to participate will be allowed to join. Allowing more libraries to join and participate in the Download Library translates directly into more people in Maine reading and more content being purchased – a great thing for all.

Maine InfoNet is working hard to make the transition to cloudLibrary as seamless as possible for patrons. However, items borrowed in Overdrive will not automatically transfer to the cloudLibrary. Similarly, if you’ve requested a title in Overdrive, you’ll need to replace the hold in the cloudLibrary come March 1st.

The cloudLibrary support site is located at:  There you can download a cloudLibrary User Guide, watch how-to videos or search for other help topics.

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