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College Bound Find a Good Read Just For Fun

College Bound

Financial Aid Toolkit — Consolidates Federal Student Aid resources into a searchable online database.

          College Navigator — Compare Colleges and Universities with the U.S. Department of Education website tool.

Affordable Colleges Online — Search accredited online colleges by degree, state, and affordability.

 Funding for college — Wow! The best site on the web for financial aid information.

  Fill out your FAFSA online!

  The Princeton Review Online — Lots of great information for the college-bound student!

 College Board’s web site. There’s tons of useful information here–including all those codes you need to add to your college applications!

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Find a Good Read

 Outstanding Books for the College-Bound — This newly revised book list can help prepare you for college, and, in addition, it can provide hours of rewarding, pleasurable reading. Be sure to follow the links for additional information on the authors and their books!

100 Best-Ever Teen Novels — A list of books selected by over 75,000 ballots.

  Reading Rants! –A group of booklists for those of you teens out there who need a good read, but are wondering if there’s life after Judy Blume and Gary Paulsen.  Check out “Fanging around”, “Reality Bites,” “Gen-X Files” and more…..new on the site is “Boy meets Book” — book recommendations for guys.

 GoodReads — Read reviews of books from other users or write your own reviews. GoodReads will offer suggestions of what to read next based on your favorite books!

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Just For Fun

 Project Gutenberg –Project Gutenberg offers a database of over 42,000 free eBooks for your Nook, Kindle, or nearly any other eReader! Many classics are available and the books are yours to keep once you download them!

 Snopes — Lots of fascinating urban legends, organized in categories and rated true, false, or of undetermined veracity.

Codecademy — Free online courses to learn a variety of programming languages used in creating websites and apps!

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Disclaimer: York Public Library offers this page for use primarily by teens. The listed sites cover a variety of topics that may be of interest to people between 12 and 18. The Library recognizes that teens develop at different rates and in different ways and therefore encourages parents to be actively involved in helping determine the appropriateness of the Internet in general as well as any particular sites for their individual teen. Recommendations are for the sites listed, not for sites linked to from the resources listed here.

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