Country Studies: (from the Library of Congress) Information about the countries of the world.
World Fact Book: Current information on countries, including maps, history, economy etc.


New England Historical Genealogical Society: (In-library access only) Access to one of the most widely used online genealogical resources in the world. Browse hundreds of unique searchable online databases, offering more than 1.4 billion searchable records.
Ancestry Library Edition: (In-library access only) Provides instant access to more than 1 billion names, more than 3,000 databases, primary-source document images and a variety of genealogical research features. For tutorials please click here:Ancestry Library Edition Tutorials
Cyndi’s List:Cyndi's List is a comprehensive list of genealogical research sites online.
Family Search: FamilySearch is a free genealogy service provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
First Parish Cemetery in York, Maine: Scroll down the first page to access the Alphabetical Burial Index

Find People:

Any Who: Internet Directory Assistance: From AT&T, a telephone yellow pages, white pages and reverse look-up site.
ZIPcode Look-up Directory: Use this handy tool to find ZIPcodes.